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We provide the flowing services other than Polished Concrete Floors which is our main part of our business.

Having over 12 years experience in the concrete industry and polishing of concrete floors either for a new slab or existing concrete floors we have over the years been asked many times if we can fix bad concrete or remove coatings, repair rain damage concrete, remove epoxy, glues, level concrete so it’s smooth and flat.

We thought it was about time to let you know what we can do and because our website is so popular we are now going to add the extra services we are able to offer you.

  • Restoration of concrete floors.
  • Concrete floor preparation.
  • Concrete surface levelling.
  • Renovations of concrete floors.
  • Repair rain damaged concrete floors.
  • Removal of Glues from concrete floors.
  • Removal of other coatings from concrete floors.
  • Removal of Epoxy from concrete floors.
  • Removal of Screed marks from concrete floors.
  • Rejuvenation of concrete floors.
  • Grinding & polishing of concrete flat surfaces.

This document from HTC Products and as we use HTC products and procedures it is best outlined what and how we do what we do, no matter if it is a new floor or for an older floor restoration such as industrial, commercial, retail, public floors. Polished concrete renovate renew refurbish

We also have a surface levelling & floor preparation that will remove old floor coverings, level the concrete surface and create a perfect surface for further treatment of your floors.

We use the best machinery and latest technology powered by HTC products.

Using these machines we are able to remove floor coatings such as epoxy, carpets adhesive and paint, by using our services to remove these coverings we create a smooth flat service to lay new coverings if you wish. But, we recommend wherever is possible it is far better to keep the floor surface instead of laying new coverings.

By using our services you avoid the need to use self-levelling compounds and unnecessary material costs in the form of extra coverings to fill out irregularities, which are both expensive and time-consuming. Our processes also makes it easy to improve the adhesiveness for the next coat of paint, regardless of your intended final result of your floor, we offer huge benefits from using our grinding and levelling process.

We can save you time for further treatments using our method which means you can remove one or more old floor coverings to reveal a flat clean floor. Immediately after our grinding processes, you can start your new floor covering or perhaps simply continue grinding and polishing the concrete into a HTC Superfloor which will save you on your maintenance costs.

We can save you money by grinding it’s is gentle on the floor, unlike other methods, where both the floor and the old floor coverings are scraped away, scarifying or shot blasting, the floor is always uneven and requires a lot of extra covering in order to fill in the irregularities in the floor. By using either the scarifying or shot blasting methods the surface will need to be filled up to the highest point of the floor. With our grinding processes you can save up to 40% of the floor material costs, such as self-levelling compounds and extra floor coverings. As around 17kg of dry self-levelling compound is required per m2 to achieve 10mm, as well as unnecessary transport and set-up time.

  • 40% less material consumption
  • Lower transport cost
  • Fewer man hours
  • Quicker and smoother end results
  • Grind close to edges and corners
  • Reduces need for self-levelling compounds
  • Shorter drying times.

We consider the Environment, you can benefit financially from using less covering, the environment benefits as well, and at the same time less material is consumed and transported reduced not too mention the huge energy savings required to manufacture just 1kg of self-levelling compound.

Epoxy is a thermosetting plastic which when removed from the surface goes into landfill or is incinerated.

  • Less material consumption
  • Less environment impact
  • Fewer transport costs, lighter carbon footprints
  • 50 KWh to lay just one metre of epoxy
  • Profit for you, benefit for the environment, win-win
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Few floor vibrations using our HTC machines
  • Noise level is less than 90 dB

Improve your working environment using our process is a smarter working method as well, other activities can continue in the area whilst we are grinding. This provides huge benefits for a business owner, the sound level from the grinding is less than 90 dB next to the machine, which means that it is significantly lower than shot blasting or scarifying, for instance, added to that our HTC industrial vacuum cleaner the work is virtually dust-free.

PS…Concrete Grinding, we grind and remove concrete cream or skin to expose the stronger exposed concrete and during this process the surface is level, which reduces the need for self-levelling compounds and reduces the quantity of floor covering. Not to mention the financial savings by our grinding process. We can easily change tooling for our machinery to continue to polish the concrete into an easily-cleaned, sustainable, high-gloss concrete floor and you will also save on maintenance cost.

PS…Thick coverings, we mean 5mm of epoxy, self-levelling compounds and linoleum can all be removed in one go, when grinding away matting, the adhesive is also ground away, and the floor is ready to be covered with a new carpet, covering, tiles or the smarter floor of a polished concrete floor with less maintenance.

PS…Thin coverings refer to adhesive, paint or lighter grinding to improve the adhesion of a new covering on top of the old one. Our machinery functions superbly for lighter grinding or irregularities.

GrindingScarifying / Shot blasting
Functions on all Concrete SurfacesMany areas of useA flat surface can always be achievedClose to edgesLow noise level and virtually no dustLow vibrationImpossible to get a flat surface, Grinding or self-levelling compound is required afterwardsLeaves lines that can often be seen under coverings or coatingsExtra covering or coating material is requiredLeaves 70-90mm from the wallLots of dust, vibrations and noiseFew areas of use

We hope that this information may assist you.

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