Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Floors

When people think of concrete, they generally think of a drab, industrial material that is relegated to outdoor construction or warehouses. However, when concrete is polished and treated, it becomes a beautiful and artistic design element that can accentuate any home or business. Polished concrete on the South Coast is fast becoming one of the most coveted materials amongst interior decorators, who appreciate the unique appearance of every piece.

One of the reasons that polished concrete on the South Coast is so unique from floor to floor is because of its natural makeup. In other words, because concrete is partially constructed from rock and mineral aggregate, grinding it down will reveal a variety of different textures and colors under the surface. Designers often refer to this as a “rustic” effect, one that is augmented by a heavier grind (which tends to expose more aggregate). Despite this rough or textured look, however, the floors themselves remain completely smooth to walk on after the polishing process.

 6 Reasons Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Other Floors

What is polished concrete?

It’s a type of flooring that uses a motorized sandpaper-like scrubber to grind down the concrete.  As the concrete is ground, it removes old stains and grooves.  When it’s finished, the floor is smooth and shiny.  Polished concrete flooring has become a popular addition to factories, warehouses, schools, office buildings, and even homes.


Why are polished concrete floors better than other floors?  Consider these 6 reasons:

1.   Polished concrete floors are easier and cheaper to install than other types of flooring.  Concrete polishing can be done for just a few dollars per square foot.  All you need is the polishing machine and our expert operators; there are no abrasive chemicals or hazardous materials that need to be disposed of once the floor is finished.

2.    Polished concrete floors have a much longer life span than tile, hardwood, linoleum, or carpet.  Plus, they do not require the upkeep that those floors do – like regular vacuuming, mopping, and waxing.  In fact, polished concrete floors only need to be dusted once in a while.  If you spill something on them, plain water or a light cleanser can get everything cleaned up.

3.    Polished concrete floors do not trap mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, or moisture like other floors do.  Because the floors are polished, they are not porous – meaning nothing can get inside.  Polished concrete is a great alternative for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

4.    Polished concrete floors can fit into any décor.  They come in a variety of colors, and you can even specify how shiny you want them to be.  Many homeowners opt for polished concrete flooring because they like the smooth, shiny look of marble and granite – but they cannot afford it.  With the right shine, polished concrete floors can look just like other, more expensive, types of flooring.

5.    Polished concrete floors can save you time, whether you’re a homeowner or a factory owner.  Concrete polishing can be done in sections, which lessens the inconvenience of their installation.  Plus, once the concrete polishing is finished, nothing has to dry or set.  You can get back inside your home – or back to work at a factory – quickly.

6.    Polished concrete floors are energy-efficient.  Because of their shine, they reflect both heat and light – both of which can save you a bundle on your energy bills.
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