Concrete Colour

We use Concrete Colour Systems as our preferred Supplier of Quality Rich Colour Pigments

How to choose colours

PLEASE NOTE: – Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your computer screen.

Rich pigment blends for full depth colouring of grey concrete

CCS Ghost GumCCS Blue GumCCS Raffia BeigeCCS Corn
CCS OnyxCCS Smokey BlueCCS Lemon GrassCCS Rattan
CCS Black 21CCS Gothic CharmCCS Desert BuffCCS Golden Bronze
CCS LiquoriceCCS VoodooCCS PuttyCCS Morocco
  CCS SavannahCCS Sundance
CCS GipsyCCS CameoCCS KalahariCCS Bilby
CCS PrairieCCS PaperbarkCCS BiscuitCCS Canyon
CCS Brick RedCCS DriftwoodCCS SaddleCCS Mudpack
CCS RubyCCS SpinifexCCS CaramelCCS Chocolate
CCS FirecrackerCCS BoomerangCCS CherokeeCCS Kelp
CCS LimestoneCCS CanvasCCS ApolloCCS Grasshopper
CCS EucalyptusCCS YorkstoneCCS PewterCCS Lychee
CCS IguanaCCS HoneycombCCS MulberryCCS Elephant
CCS AmazonCCS Desert SandCCS KakaduCCS Water Buffalo
CCS CactusCCS CairoCCS Moss GreenCCS Lizard Skin

Pastel shades using off-white concrete

CCS SnowCCS KingfisherCCS Light PeachCCS Butterscotch

Please note: – Due to space limitations at concrete plants, ‘off white’ concrete is only available from a small number of concrete plant sites.

Effects of sealer’s on colour

The application of sealer’s onto a coloured concrete surface can significantly impact the final colour. Some ‘wet look’ sealer’s add lustre and richness to the colour, while other penetrative sealer’s have minimal impact. When a specific colour is required, a sample including the desired sealer should be done to enable evaluation of the final outcome.