About Us

Polished Concrete Australia (PCA) is a family owned and operated business based and servicing the South Coast and Canberra areas.

We are a company that prides itself on its unique sustainable products, we consider our company a lot different than your usual decorating companies, and we offer a fresh and modern approach.

Our projects range from the smaller domestic/residential to the larger commercial and industrial designs. Our workmanship begins with your ideas and concludes with a one-of-a-kind polished concrete floor, a one-of-a-kind coffee table or a one-of-a-kind fire heath of beauty.

We strive to make each and every client as satisfied as the last.

Our size and approach allows us to provide the personal touch of a small business while operating with the efficiencies of a larger concrete polishing firm.

We provide free fully written quotes.Our business values People are our reasons for being, we provide an environment which excites and enriches the live of all people involved with our business.Service is essential to our success; we try to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Quality is the central theme of all we do, we care about the standard of quality we produce.

About – the founder of Polished Concrete Australia

The love for concrete began soon after I left school; I started working as a labour in the concrete industry pouring new slabs. Working with concrete gave me not only the skills but an understanding of the principles of concrete. 12 Years ago I was shown something new to Australia and that was a polished concrete floor in a residential home (a small garage floor) even though this was just an ordinary concrete standard floor back then, the results of seeing what a concrete floor could look like polished just flawed me, I thought it was awesome. This experience of seeing this garage floor turned from just working with concrete into a passion for creating concrete finishes which require attention to detail.I began working with a Brisbane based grinding and polishing company over 11 years ago in 1999, they provided me with some initial skills using older style grinding and polishing machines.

Mainly grinding flat raised footpaths or walkways were the joints along these had been raised due to ground or tree movement which made them unsafe.

Other works included the levelling of factory floors with a few residential homes having part or all their floors actually polished.

Polished Concrete was not widely accepted back in the early years as there was not much information and the equipment used was poor to say the least, awkward to operate and very dusty, there were only a hand full of people in Australia polishing concrete floors at that time.
The passion for concrete polishing grew with every job and my earlier years with the Brisbane Company gave me the basic tools and knowledge to seek out and find better ways and better equipment to give customers a “true polished concrete floor”.

Our business is a hand’s on business with lots of traveling interstate and here down the South Coast.

My father brings old time values, energy and business experience to the administration and marketing side of our business. He often helps with hands on with the machinery and he too has the passion to see a true finished polished concrete floor and he loves to see the client’s reactions when they see the final result.

Our projects in the main are high-end residential with commercial/industrial floors, we keep in contact with concrete and specialized grinding and polishing equipment suppliers as well as methods, this helps us to stay up to date with mix designs, new technology and methods.

As an ecologically responsible business we incorporate latest technologies in order to preserve our nature. Also, the case for concrete starts with its production…Limestone and other raw materials used in concrete are readily available and advances in technology are making the processing of those materials more energy- efficient.

The background in concrete over the years gives us the advantage to help Architects, Builders and the Homeowner. We are able to help supervise concrete pours that we are polishing or give advice or suggestions on mix and placement.

We are able to polish concrete floors using either the HTC Superfloor or Husqvarana Hiperfloor systems.

We are continually updating our skills and seeking out from around the world better and improved methods, specialised equipment and technology to make your floors standout.

We evaluate every project and work site before the start of any work being carried out and discuss the many options available and any problems with the client.

We have up to 18 separate steps in our grinding and polishing process and the number of steps depends on what type of “finish” or “look” the client is after. New Slabs Process Our Stage 1 process has three grinding cuts/passes, course, medium and fine metal bonded diamond grits. The 1st grinding cut/pass is a 30/40 metal bonded diamond frit which removes approximately 3mm of the concrete surface to expose aggregates beneath the cement surface cream. We ground the floor twice with the second grind to be performed in a perpendicular direction to the first grind. The floor is now flat at this 1st grinding cut/pass with no remaining low spots. The 2nd grinding cut/pass is a 60/80 metal bonded diamond grit which removes the 1st cut/pass grinding scratches. The floor is ground once in a perpendicular direction to the preceding step. The 3rd and final cut/pass is a 120 metal bonded diamond grit; this ensures that the concrete surface is scratch free before the actual polishing process starts. The floor is ground once in a perpendicular direction to the preceding step. We then grout the entire floor which fills any tiny voids, aggregate pull-outs, cracks or surface imperfections. The grout is then ground off to produce a seamless surface. We then apply a thin superficial layer of acrylic sealer to the floor surface which assists with stain resistance…This is the end of Stage 1 our two stage process. We will return to complete the second and final stage which is the actual polishing stage BEFORE THE PLASTER AND SKIRTING HAS BEEN INSTALLED. We then re-grout the floor where required and apply a concrete densifier (hardener) to the floor covering the floor entirely. The densifer application is then applied to the floor carefully following the manufacturers recommended process. The densifier application then needs to penetrate and absorb overnight to chemically react with the structure of the concrete to create a surface that is 10 times its natural strength. Our polishing stage depends on the “finish” or “look” clients require and starts with a course 50 grit followed by100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grit. There are no equivalents for the diamond tools used in this process. We then seal the floor with a penetrating sealer which is resistant to stains from coffee, red wine etc. for up to6-7 Hours without cleaning up. We recommend that if a spill happens, like any other flooring surface the spill should be cleaned up as soon as possible, Finally we then buff the floor. The team here at Polished Concrete Australia hope that the “about us” has given you a small informative overview and we look forward to your business.